Friday, September 16, 2011

2011 Calendar of EAW Events

20 Sept - Launch For 1 Rounds - Meeting, briefing and Introduction of artists, sponsors and venue-owners to press and each other: DRINK! WINE BAR
21 Sept - Opening Night – Exhibitions open to the public
21 Sept - Draw this – Introductory workshop to the art of nude drawing. $50 Nightly 8pm
21 Sept - Provocative Fitness – Exotic dancing showcase/workshop. FREE 9:15-10:15pm Nightly, email:
22 Sept - Street Walker Anthologies – Spoken word and performance events spread across different venues.
22 Sept - Intro to Shibari (the Japanese art of consensual bondage) at 6:45 pm on Thursdays and Sunday at Studio
24 Sept - Taste the Republick – Open your mouth; it's a eat out. Venue TBA.
27 Sept - Panel Discussion - “Unzipping the parallel evolution of the internet and eroticism in a small society”
29 Sept - Libertine – Ladies’ night event.
30 Sept - N9 Dance Co. Belly, pole, chair and Trinidad Theatre Workshop. 6:30 - 8:30 pm. Call 745-6809 – Only sixty seats


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  1. Street walker anthologies at various locations...where are these locations and who/what will be there specifically? I adore spoken word and would like to come out.